• Encouraging others to volunteer at local Victims Advocate offices and local family shelters
  • Annual gala to raise funds planned for the future
  • Advocating for political action in Washington, D.C.to better protect our children
  • Advocating to State Legislatures to increase funding and staffing levels for Child Protective Services

Hope in Action

  • Assistance with trial attendance costs for disabled family members
  • Streamlining nationwide child abuse reporting through IOS and Android app development
  • Advocating for Medical Examiners and Coroners be held to Speedy Trial deadlines

Long distance trial attendance costs can be devastating for family members of murdered children when distance and financial restrictions are factors. Be an active advocate by pledging your monthly support today.. 

The Savannah Fund is devoted to assisting impoverished disabled family members attend long distance trials to bear witness to the justice their loved one so deserves. 

1. Trial attendance and transportation costs.

2. Retaining legal counsel for victims who seek civil remedies and wrongful death litigation.

3.  Development and legal costs for National Child Abuse Reporting app for IOS and Android

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If it were your child

Hundreds of victims
‚Äčin anguish trying to  attend long distance trials nationwide.

REGARDLESS OF DISTANCE, A murdered child deserves family representation in the courtroom to witness the justice their loved ones deserve.  Donate today and make a difference.




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